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Rejuvenate Your Skin with an Oxygen Facial

Time is one of the strongest natural forces in the universe. It can turn a beautiful face into one that has sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines in just a matter of a few decades.

The good news is that science is constantly looking for ways to fight the effects of aging. Oxygen facials represent a high-tech solution that can help eliminate many of the unattractive qualities that time can force upon your skin.

The best part is that an oxygen facial is one of the safest treatments you can undergo.

How do Oxygen Facials Work?

Facials are nothing new. The idea to apply chemicals and other nutrients to your face has been around since before the Roman and Greek civilizations appeared.

The idea of adding oxygen to the mix, however, is a relatively new invention. It enriches your skin in ways that simple vitamins and nutrients could seldom hope to ever do.

Oxygen facials introduce oxygen and nutrients directly to your skin. The oxygen opens your pores while pushing the nutrients through your skin to deposit them where they are needed the most. The remaining oxygen then binds with water to rejuvenate the skin of your face.

The effects of these facials are both immediate and lasting. You will see an immediate improvement in the composition of your face while your skin gradually improves as hydration collects in the hypodermis layers of your skin.

As that hydration collects, so too will collagen regrow. This results in firmer skin with fewer imperfections like lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial Rejuvenation

Oxygen facials do not need a prolonged period of recovery. You can immediately apply makeup, lotions and cosmetics to your face after completing your oxygen facial.

Given that there is no damage to the skin like there can be with microdermabrasion or chemical peels, oxygen facials tend to lack any irritating side effects. This makes oxygen facials one of the most gentle but effective treatments for dermatological issues.

Oxygen facials can help to reduce harmful bacteria on the face, which includes the same bacteria that causes acne. You may notice that bacteria-related imperfections clear up almost instantly after your first oxygen facial.

The biggest benefit of oxygen facials is the way they promote growth in the skin. They provide oxygen, hydration and other nourishment to the cells of the skin. This allows new cells to be created in the upper and lower layers of the skin.

How Safe are Oxygen Facials?

Oxygen facials represent one of the safest dermatological treatments available. They can rejuvenate the skin without risking major side effects like scarring, burning or irritation.

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