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Spider Veins are Creeping up on Me!

It’s swimsuit season. I don’t know about you, but I noticed a few more spider veins on my legs and immediately started shopping for a cute cover up. I don’t want to hide away for the whole summer, so I decided to book my next vein treatment session at Head to Toe Med Spa right away!

Spider veins develop for many reasons, including pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, trauma to the area, frequent increase and decrease of air pressure, and can also be hereditary. In my case, I stand all day long, so even though my “old” spider veins didn’t come back, new ones developed because of my long days at the office. Laser Vein Therapy is suitable for most skin types, including mature skin, ethnic skin, as well as dry/oily/ normal skin. Laser Vein Therapy is commonly used to treat the face, neck, chest and legs, and can also help treat Rosacea, as well as various issues with broken capillaries, and skin redness.

I’ve gotten vein treatments before, and my veins disappeared right before my eyes and I barely felt the laser working during my treatment. It feels like a warming sensation on the treatment area and sometimes leaves a little light peppering or bruising around the area for a few days, but that is it. It’s so much simpler, less painful, and so much more affordable than it was in the past. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to get rid of the spider veins; it depends on how many there are and how large the spider vein is. I was back to my normal activities the same day, and just wore compression hosiery and stayed out of the sun for a few days and that was it. Virtually no “down time” at all!

For the month of August Head to Toe Med Spa is having a special on Vein treatments.

“Buy 2 Vein treatment sessions, any area, get the 3rd session FREE!”

A savings of over $100!!!